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Surah # 112 : Al – Ikhlas ( Purity of Faith )


“ Say: He is God, the One!

The Eternally Besought of All

He does not beget, nor is He begotten

And there is nothing comparable to Him.”


Tafsir based on Ibn Taymiyyah (Aqidatul-Wasitiyyah) and Sayd Qutb (In the Shade of the Quran)


A)     When was this Surah revealed ?


Base on Imam Ahmad’s narration of Ubayy bin Kaab (pagan idolater) asked the prophet : “ Oh Muhammad! Tell us the genealogy of your Lord” , whereupon this Surah was revealed.


From an authentic Hadiths is al Bukhari, it is proven that this Surah is one third of the Quran.


B)     What is the meaning of the Surah?


Say: He is God, the One! :


·        This negates partnership with Him in every sense (Self, Attributes or His Deeds)

·        Demonstrates the distinctiveness of God in His perfection, magnificence and majesty

·        Arabic word “Ahad” has the meaning of absolute unity and the absence of equals

·        No reality, no true and permanent existence except His


The Eternally Besought of All :


·        The Lord without whose permission nothing is decided

·        One Lord

·        He decides everything independently

·        Tawheed of Affirmation (names and attributions)


      He does not beget, nor is He begotten

      And there is nothing comparable to Him :


·         Nothing came out of Him, nor did He came out from anything

·         He has no equal, likeness and no similarity

·        Allah is permanent and everlasting


C)    What can we learn form it?


·        It is a full explanation of human existence


-         I) Why should men’s heart aspire to something that has no permanent reality nor has any independent power to function in this world, except by the Will of Allah?


-         II) When the human heart releases itself from believing in anything but one Truth, the truth of Allah, and upholds this everlasting Truth, it liberates itself from all shackles, false ideas, evil desires, fear of earthly powers and from confusions that mislead this life.


-         III) It is also accompanied by the attribution of every event and every movement in this life and in the universe to the first and only cause that is Allah. Quran teaches us to put aside apparent causes and associate events directly to the Will of Allah


-         IV) By disregarding all apparent causes and connecting matters directly with the will of Allah, a feeling of relief penetrates the human heart knowing all is the Savoir and disposer of all affairs. It is the path that makes its followers turn towards Allah alone and seek refuge in Him in time of need, fear, happiness, discomfort, luxury and hardship.


-         V) This concept of unity of Allah, stems a perfect path of life based on the explanation of human existence and whatever outlooks, feelings, traits it simulates. Such a path is based on the worship of Allah alone, who is the only real and permanent being, and whose will is the only effective power in the world.


-         VI) Understanding this it will strengthen the links of love, brotherhood, mutual sympathy and responsiveness between all human beings and individual hearts.

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